Friday, February 13, 2009

Five Thought Friday...

1) The stimulus plan: The only thing I know to say about the stimulus bill is that is gonna destroy our economy. Many politicians have said that we need to pass this as soon as possible so that we are at least doing something. That makes about as much sense as giving someone with a cold rat poison so that they are least doing something about their sickness. Ugh, people just stop spending money you don’t have. That goes for you businessmen too. And if none of you can live that way, don’t cry when your stuff is repossessed and your companies fail.

2) Moving Mountains: If you have never checked them out, you need to listen to them. I find them to be very relaxing and inspiring.

3) Liberty Tax Service: It is ridiculous how they promote their services. Having some dude prance around in a lady liberty costume just strikes me as silly. I have more thoughts about this, but I think I will write separately about that. What I really wonder is how many people would forget about taxes if it weren’t for that dancing fool? Kinda scary to consider.

4) Money Money Money: Speaking of taxes (3) and financial responsibility (1) I find myself awaiting that tax return. And although I have pretty much decided that other than a new phone, I want to put it all into savings, lately the temptation has been getting at me to spend some more of it on stuff I want but don’t need. What are you planning to do with your tax return?

5) God has reminded me this past week that I have so many good people in my life. My family is awesome, friends I have from back in the day are awesome, and my newer friends are awesome as well. So take a minute today and thank God for the good people in your life.

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daveherring said...

1) i agree. i heard that with this amount of money, they could pay off every mortgage in america. i would sure as heck stimulate the economy if i didn't have a mortgage every month.

2) listing now. pretty cool.

3) they drive me nuts. i drive by one every morning on my way to work at 745. that fool is already out there!

4) my return isn't as much as i was hoping it would be, but i'm still waiting for it nontheless. straight to savings. def.

5) amen. me too. i am surrounded by amazing people. its a good thing.