Tuesday, February 16, 2010

An Opportunity To Get Rid Of Me For A While aka Mission Trip Support...

So, a pretty sweet opportunity has come my way.

In May I will be joining my friends Chris McCarthy (Associate Minister @ Northampton Church of Christ) and Jason Thornton (Minister @ Seaford Church of Christ) on a mission trip to Indonesia. We will be working alongside Lynda Joyner and others to train kingdom workers in theology and youth ministry. We will do this formally by teaching an intensive course at the local Bible College and informally through workshops hosted by local churches for those who are not students at the college. Our plan is to leave May 10 and return on May 25.

I ask you to prayerfully consider supporting me in this effort. Expenses for this trip come out to about $2,500. I am hoping that I can get 100 supporters who are willing to contribute $25 to this mission. Of course any support, be it more or less than $25, will be of great help. Whether or not you are able to support this mission financially, I would ask that you be in prayer for our team. Aside from the work that will take place during those two weeks, there is a lot of preparation work to be done as well.

If you want to support me financially please write your check out to “West Park Church of Christ” and note “Indonesia Mission” in the memo line. If the check is written out to me or has my name anywhere on it (i.e. the memo line) I will still be able to use it, but you will not be able to claim it as a write off on your taxes. Please send checks to…

Chris Conley
926 Cherokee Road

Portsmouth, VA 23701

Any funds raised that go beyond the $2500 goal will be given to the Bible College and/or local churches to help them as they continue to train workers for the kingdom.

This is an amazing opportunity for me to share the gifts God has given me with our brothers in Indonesia. I thank you for considering partnering with me. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. You can do so in the comments section of the blog, or through email at iamconley@gmail.com. If you want to call me, just email and ask for my phone number and I would be happy to chat with you.

Thank you guys so much! :)

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