Monday, October 20, 2008

A New Blog...

So this is where the count down has led us. I have moved here from my xanga, however like others (Chris Woolard for example) I will continue to check and comment in the xanga universe (that sounds like some japanimation term). I will not likely copy my posts though. Hopefully I will find some time to spruce this blog up a little bit, but I am hoping to write more here and to write about things that are a little deeper and more important to me (as opposed to the typical "school, work, gym, busy").

And if you haven't heard yet, then you need to head over to another blog I am a part of. Http:// Mark and I are starting our weight loss contest tomorrow (or today depending on how you look at it). The weigh in is at 8:00 am. I checked myself out tonight, and all I could say was "Man, I need to lose this weight." But you can hit up our contest blog. You can sponsor one or both of us there. We are each challenging sponsors to give a dollar per pound that your chosen player loses, but if that is a bit much of a commitment, you can pledge any amount you like. Just hit up the blog and send us an email.

Let the games begin!

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Tiffany said...

Welcome to blogspot! Good luck with the challenge, I hope you stay encouraged and motivated! Now if you could just share some of that motivation with me to work out at least once a week, that would be much appreciated.