Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Congrats Barry...

I know that a lot of my friends and the people that I see on a regular basis were McCain supporters. I voted for McCain too, but nonetheless, I am still experiencing pride for Obama's accomplishment. I feel good to be able to see the first black man elected to the oval office. I am also glad that McCain conceded with respect and honor.

I will expound much more on my thoughts about this thing tomorrow or Thursday. I have been thinking all day about what I have to say about this whole election thing. But just a couple quick thoughts...

1) God is sovereign. That is a truth that remains no matter who is in power.

2) Christians, even if you are disappointed, pray for your president. Like him or not, he is our leader and needs wisdom and protection from God.

More tomorrow!

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710pastor said...

Hey, its ok to be cheesy and sentimental every once in a while, thanks for reading my blog, even if my mom probably told your mom about the blog, and then your mom told you about it, it's still so good to hear from you.
I couldn't agree with you more about your support for obama, God is in control of our country (no matter who is president). I wrote some thoughts about it on my blog, and I think im speaking about it tonight at church. It's encouraging to hear from you, hope your doing well.