Monday, November 3, 2008

The Show...

So the Anberlin show at The Norva went down tonight. Man, I love living ten minutes away from The Norva. Joe, Mark, and I were hanging out and I was getting text updates from Joe Snow about what was going on. We didn't really wanna see anyone who was there except for Anberlin. By the time we arrived we completely missed There For Tomorrow. We came in on Straylight Run's last song (Hands In The Sky Big Shot.) Then we listened to Scary Kids Scaring Kids' set. They weren't bad. I have never given them a listen before. They sound like they could be good for working out too.

Anberlin played and were amazing. They put on a great show and Stephen has an honesty about him in the way he performs and presents himself. Overall the show was hype and exciting. The band played flawlessly as far as I could tell. Certainly they are one of the better live performers I have ever seen (Thrice is still the best, but heck, I am bias with them.)

Here is the set list...

Never Take Friendship Personal
Paperthin Hymn
A Day Late
Dismantle Repair
The Unwinding Cable Car
Hello Alone
The Feel Good Drag
The Resistance
---pause before encore---
(The Symphony Of) Blasé

And here are some videos...

Anberlin - Dismantle Repair from chris on Vimeo.

Anberlin - The Resistance from chris on Vimeo.

Anberlin - Fin from chris on Vimeo.

I also have videos of A Day Late and The Unwinding Cable Car, but I am out of Vimeo space. Anyways, hope you enjoy these.

Another incredible thing was the lack of politics. You usually expect bands to preach politics to you, but unless we missed it with the first two bands, there was no politics. Amen.

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